I AM BRAVE – Day 1

It’s been a couple weeks since I intended to start this blog and I got discouraged (what else is new). But I’m starting something new today and need a place to track the progress, “An Elysian Mind” is just the place to do that.

I decided to join the Hay House World Summit (another conversation for another time) but basically it’s an online summit with audio and video lessons from spiritual leaders and teachers from all over the world. By some fate of The Universe, that let me to an ad on my Instagram feed for “Intention Inspired“.

The second I went to their site, I was blown away. The Universe knew, this is what I need right now. So I have joined the 30 day challenge of being brave. Every morning I will be sent an email with a new challenge for the day to help me reach my overall goal in the span of a month.

My goal: To live from the heart and lead with love rather than being consumed by fear all the time.

Day 1 Challenge 

Pick an item to be your reminder of what you’re fighting for

I have found an Alex and Ani bracelet that speaks to exactly this! So now I just have to purchase the item and my day one challenge is complete.

Aphrodite’s Flower Charm Bangle

“Welcome love into your life in every possible way” is this bracelet’s message.



I can’t wait to have this new bracelet and daily reminder of what I’m working toward in my life.

If you feel inspired to join this challenge now too, let me know! I’d love to share stories and progress with someone.

(P.S. This challenge has an awesome online community. I’ve only been in the group for a day and already feel changed by some people’s stories and the encouragement).

Until Next Time,

– em

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