I AM BRAVE – Day 6 & 7

Doubling up again today as I didn’t have time to really sit with and think about the challenge yesterday, so here it goes …

Day 6 … I Am Prepared

Today’s brave act is to come up with a system of measurement for this challenge; a way to track the progress. Unknowingly I jumped ahead of the game by blogging my brave journey every day. For me my metric for this challenge is daily blog entries. In the end I can go back to the first post and visually see my progress over the 30 days.

On top of setting a standard to measure, I’m prompted to write out my goals, broken down into manageable steps. This is a bit difficult for my goal as it’s not a physical brave act, more an emotional and personal one.

I have 24 days left in my 30-day goal to become more loving and open by leading from my heart in every action, thought and behaviour (and moving past social anxiety and fear).

Which means within two weeks, I need to start living life more and engaging with it (talking to people, taking care of myself).

Which means in a week, I need to take care of my own health – mentally and physically.

Which means in the next three days, I need to buy some vitamins and supplements to help me get the nutrition I’m missing.

To hit that 3-day goal, today I need to research and make a list of the products I need to buy.

That was frighteningly personal to write, knowing people may read this. And I hate the idea of consumerism leading me to happiness – as we all know it doesn’t. However, there is a point where we do have to pay to be healthy (whether it’s on healthy food, a gym membership, or in my case vitamins and the like).

I’m interested to see if by taking better care of my body and health, if it will lead to me feeling better, loving myself more and then being able to share that love with others (my original goal).

Day 7 … I Am Heroic

Ultimately, only I get to decide how my story unfolds. Today, and every day, I will take an active role in the lifelong adventure of becoming the hero of my own story.

Today I declare that I am the brave hero of my own story! Now, let’s get creative …

If my life was a movie and it started today, what would the hero do?

(It’s taken me hours to try and answer this one today. Humm … I keep taking breaks and coming back to this). Okay, let’s think, if my life were a movie, the hero would recognize that she’s stayed secluded her whole life but has so much to offer the world. This lightbulb would go off today and she’d start getting out there and actually living.

(Oh hey! I just realized, that’s me! What a fun little exercise this is.)

What old routines and patterns would the hero break?

The hero would stop sitting inside all the time and start going out. She’d also stop fearing every small thing that happens and just experience life [without over thinking it].

What new habits would the hero replace those old habits with?

She would go for walks around town, take in the pretty sights and scenery and start discovering new, unique and interesting things about her own hometown. She’d learn to be on her own in public and start being with people.


Today’s post was lengthy but if you read to this point: Thank you! Also, fun update! I received my new Alex & Ani bracelet that I ordered on day 1 of this challenge. My daily reminder to be open to love!

Until Next Time,

– em 

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