I AM BRAVE – Day 8, 9 & 10

Forcing myself to write this late on a Monday night because if I drop the ball now, I’m never going to make it to day 30 of this challenge.

Day 8 … I Am Capable

Today’s challenge is something I try to do on a regular basis: sending words of encouragement to a friend. In this case I happened to help a friend on social media who was going through a hard time and just needed someone to talk to. I was there to listen and help encourage that everything would be alright.

In return I was showered with compliments this weekend over acts I’ve done.

  1. This friend I helped thanked me for being there for her and said I am really good at giving advice. (Which for me, means a lot as it’s something I pride myself on).
  2. I teach dancing to young kids and our final/main performance was this weekend. One of the mom’s thanked me for all my hard work over the year and said “we know this takes a lot of work and doesn’t just happen and that’s thanks to you for committing your time and helping our kids”. I love what I do and don’t think twice about it but to hear a parent be grateful meant so much to me!
  3. Also at dancing I braided the hair for a couple of girls, sisters, whom I’ve known for a long time and adore. I was there and can braid hair and didn’t think about it as being extra work or anything. But that evening their mom sent me an email sincerely thanking me for doing their hair. It meant so much that she went out of her way and took the time to say such a simple thank you. It also helped me know and see that the small things really do count and can make all the different in someone else’s life.

All this goes to say that doing what you can, when you can for someone else, no matter how big or small will impact both your life and the life of the person receiving. So:

Be Kind. Always.

Day 9 … I Am Vulnerable

This is a big one for me, as it’s basically the premise of my entire 30 day challenge. Today’s challenge I was to be open with a friend about what’s been the most difficult part of this challenge so far. Sad to say, I did not complete this challenge … yet. It may be cheating, but I’m going to do it right now and open up to you.

I think the hardest part for me has really been to take action. My goal is more emotional and an internal challenge so it’s hard to apply to physical actions. I’m sitting here thinking I’m doing well and succeeding in this but I’m really not. I’m blogging often and reflecting but I’m not putting myself out there. I’m still avoiding people and social situations which are the only place for me to really put this challenge into practise. I’ve even found myself chickening out when I am in a situation to apply “being brave”.

My favourite line from today’s affirmation is as follows, and it’s something I need to start telling myself every day.

I will let myself be deeply seen and share myself wholeheartedly even though there are no guarantees that things will work out.

Day 10 … I Am Curious

In curiosity we tend to as ‘why” and while I didn’t get a chance to do the challenge and ask 3 ‘whys’ to someone, I was given answers and my curiosity was satisfied by the Universe. I attended a wedding yesterday and as there were many cultural traditions the couple had programs with details about each tradition and I learned so much from it.

… The journal entry for this is going to have to come later. It’s going to take more personal reflection than I can give right now

Today was actually Day 11 but it ties into the previous journal entry and again I just can’t dedicate the proper time to it right now.


Back to enjoying the last few hours of this holiday Monday!

Until Next Time,

– em 



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