I AM BRAVE – Day 11, 12 & 13

It hasn’t even been two weeks of this challenge and I’m already failing. But it was such a busy weekend with a dance concert and a wedding, then work this week.

I also feel that when I can’t commit the proper time to this and really reflect, that it’s better to put it off until I can give the time, otherwise if I’m lazy about it I won’t really get what I need from the challenge. Maybe that’s the problem. I might need to try a new approach and mindset.

Day 11 … I Am Compassionate

I’ve recently struggled with trying to help someone and feeling like I didn’t do enough to help that person through their struggle and that worse yet, I potentially even made it worse.

Sometimes in these instances we need to take a step back and talk to ourselves as if we were giving our best friend advice for the situation. In this case I would say:

‘You did everything you could. You didn’t overstep and you were just trying to help. For all you know you made everything so much better and easier for this person. They may still be struggling and you may not get the outcome you hoped for, but this isn’t about you – it’s about them. And if just being there for this person and showing true kindness and concern made even a sliver of difference (which I’m sure it did) then you’ve done your job. And that’s all you can do.”

I have to say, writing that note to myself but as if it was to my best friend is really freeing and helps a lot. The next time you’re having a hard day or you’re in a tough situation, try writing yourself a letter as if it was your best friend having the problem and you’re getting them advice. It really helps!

Day 12 … I Am Calculated

Darn right I am, but not in a good way. Today’s challenge is to say ‘no’ to an invitation for something that would get in the way of this challenge. I don’t really have anything on my horizon like that, so instead I’ve flipped this challenge around. I’m saying ‘yes’ to something that would help me in my goal for this challenge – which is something I’d normally say ‘no’ to.

Today’s journal is to write about:

I’ve been unable to move forward with … this challenge. I’m finding myself staying isolated still and it doesn’t allow me to put this challenge to action. And when I do have a chance to apply the work I’ve done here, I don’t do it. I haven’t had enough practise leading with love to have it been a natural or even conscious way to behave.

Unknowns that make me hesitant to proceed … So many, where do I begin. I really struggle with anything and everything that is uncertain and I tend to avoid rather than embrace. I think this is why I hide myself away, I don’t know how to be loving so rather than learning, I close myself off and hide. It’s that saying: “love and be loved”, they’re such foreign concepts to me that I just don’t, because it’s scary (it requires vulnerability, like I wrote about in my last post).

One simple thing I can do now to gain clarity on the path forward … One thing I can do now to help lead me forward in this challenge is to consciously be aware of my heart every single day, to draw attention to it in my mind.

Anyone have any advice on how to start opening your heart and leading with love?

Day 13 … I Am Ambitious

This is something I have always been in my life. I’ve always had big dreams, high aspirations and I’ve always worked hard to go after those goals. But lately I’ve become stagnant in life, with little drive to do anything.

Today’s challenge is to define one thing that I can do every dayno matter what, that will help me achieve my goal. The second I read that I knew what it had to be, but it’s scary.

This may sound simple to some people but the one thing I will do every day from here forward is tell someone “I love you.” It may seem sad that I don’t say this every day to at least someone but this is something I’ve thought about a lot before. I find I no longer say “love you” but rather “love you”. I’ve completely removed myself from the equation. It’s something that’s been puzzling me, I’m not sure when, why or how this happened but I’ve noticed my love is less personal now, that it’s not even something say or do. I think this may be a starting point for how to move forward with this challenge.

The biggest reason I might not succeed at my 30-day goal is because I’m not putting myself out there, out in the Universe. And by not interacting with others it doesn’t give me the chance to put my goal into practise.

I can mitigate the risk of that happening by socializing every single day, even if only with one person. Oh, but that sounds like another goal for another challenge. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next? Humm …


Any advice for me kind readers?

Until Next Time,

– em


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