I AM BRAVE – Day 19 – 21

This challenge is getting more difficult every single day.

Day 19 … I Am Optimistic

Well wasn’t this the perfect challenge? I knew Tuesday was not going to go well at work, and I was right – it didn’t. Problem after problem with the technology I work with and with the students. Halfway through the day I read the challenge and I was instructed to smile in a moment of misery.

Well, I tried it. I forced a small smile and it really did change my mood and perception instantly. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long and was very difficult for me to do. But it was exactly what I needed.

Being optimistic is a choice

I am a very negative person, and it makes life so difficult and heavy. It’s weird but somehow I believe that if I’m happy, I’m not me. Pain and sadness is all I’ve known for so long, I don’t know who I am without it.

Day 20 … I Am Outgoing

This I am definitely not. I didn’t commit to one uncomfortable conversation today but I did figure out who I could talk to and what about to complete this challenge. I just didn’t execute it.

However, I suppose this counts: I did invite a friend over to hang out yesterday and it’s someone I haven’t been friends with lately so it was uncomfortable for me and a challenge to let this person back in and approach the friendship differently this time.

But there are still so many conversations I need to have with people who are important to me in my life, all of which I’m afraid of doing because the results all revolve around me feeling like a failure.

Day 21 … I Am Humble

This is a good one. Today’s challenge is to be brave and ask someone for help who has already done what I’m want to be doing.

This is actually something I’ve done a lot in my life, and though I’m open to doing today’s challenge, I’m not sure where I’m at in my life right now. Which means I don’t know who to ask about what. But this is definitely the top of my list to do as soon as I can.


Until Next Time,

– em 

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