I AM BRAVE – Day 22 & 23

Getting back to writing on the blog consistently.

Day 22 … I Am Grateful

This day worked out beautifully. Before checking my email for today I did a yoga and meditation class online and the entire focus of the meditation was gratitude. Right after that I opened today’s challenge and BAM I was right on track already.

While I didn’t set 3 alarms to cue me to stop and express gratitude,  I did meditate for 5 minutes about something I’m grateful for and I decided to make a “Gratitude Box”. I spent the morning outside in the sun cutting up colourful paper and writing on each individual piece in coloured pens one new thing I’m grateful for in my life. I didn’t get too many written but it’s a start. Now anytime I’m feeling down or need some perspective I just open the box and pull one out randomly and read it – setting me back on a more positive track for the day.

Today’s journal entry:

Something I can see in my environment that brings me joy: (at the time) clear, bright blue sky; vivid green trees; and warm bright sunshine.

A recent coincidence that left me with a smile: today’s challenge

A person I am blessed to have in my life right now: my mentor/colleague/friend who has always supported and believed in me more than I can ever understand.

Day 23 … I Am Risky

As per the challenge, today I complimented someone, although it was someone I know (and have known for a while) but who’s always somewhat intimidated me – not in a bad way, just in her strong presence.

Today’s journal:

An area in my life I need to take more calculated risks is in my career. I’m so afraid to move from home and go out in the world to work the career I want to be doing. And I’m afraid of doing it, of succeeding at it (it sounds crazy but it’s true).

How does not taking action toward my 30-day goal affect me and the people I care about? It really impacts all of my relationships with everyone as I’m so reserved and shy and harsh when I don’t mean to be and that’s not who I really am. And not acting on my goal keeps me in my depression and anxiety.

Until Next Time,

– em 

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