I AM BRAVE – Day 24 – 27

Man, earlier this week I was so excited and wanting to write I almost wrote my next blog the very next day from my last post. But then the past 3 days were crazy and I haven’t been on my computer at all.

Day 24 … I Am Persistent

So I wasn’t persistent in the challenge for today but I definitely was brave today. I had to bake something for a group of people (which, I’ve never baked before in my life) and I had to socialize with a group of people I’m not overly comfortable with. But I did my best to be positive and helpful and accomplish as much as I could in a short time, and I did just that. And it turned out to be a great and successful day.

Recently I wanted to give up blogging my journey but I didn’t. My last post was very popular and got more likes and views than anything I’ve posted before. This random popularity has given me the strength to keep going with this. I don’t do this to be “liked” but knowing people saw and liked my last post encouraged me to keep going. I took it as a sign to not give up.

Day 25 … I Am Resilient

I’ve been trying to make my health a bit more of a priority lately. No I haven’t gone organic and only use natural products religiously. But I have been trying to strength my mind and take care of my body better by using some natural products (on my face specifically) and trying to workout again.

Today I achieved this goal. I had to go out for the day but last week I set a plan for myself to work out for 30 minutes that morning. I almost didn’t do it because I was short on time but I made a commitment and forced myself to do the workout. It ended up being a long and exhausting day and I’m so glad I started my day off right with a short workout.

In addition, today was a really hard day with some family issues that I chose to be a part of. I knew I had to do what I could for my family to help the situation even though it was emotional and uncomfortable, I knew was the one who had to do it. And I’m very glad I did and that I could give that to my family the way they’ve always helped me.

This all lends to my 30-day goal. The cost and risk if I don’t take action on my overall goal is: continuing to lead an unhappy life. It’s affecting my health, my sanity and my relationships and I can’t live another 50+ years like this.

Day 26 … I Am Eustress

Never heard of that word? Neither have I.

Today’s brave challenge was to condition yourself to be more okay with discomfort by intentionally doing something goofy or unusual.

I didn’t go anything goofy or silly, or unusual in a weird way, but I did a few things that were discomforting for me. I cleaned up a storage area with [physical] strength and confidence I don’t usually have. The past 8 months I was supposed to do this task I was too afraid to attempt it and didn’t think I was physically strong enough to do it on my own. But yesterday I had had enough and knew I had to do it – and that nobody else was going to do it if I didn’t. So I just got to work with determination and without overthinking it.

I also had a text conversation with someone that I didn’t know if I should say anything or not, but I knew it my heart I needed to reach out and so I did. While I try to always be there for people, I usually chicken out of showing I care, but this time I embraced it – which I realize now, as I type, I just achieved my 30 day goal with this one act.

Now, to keep living this way.

Day 27 … I Am Confident

I can honestly say, after the past two days and the challenges I’ve faced and overcome I really do feel more confident. Confident in myself and my abilities (both physical and emotional).

What I need to start doing is show that confidence more and remember to feel it daily. Some ways I can start improving this beginning today is by walking with my head up (instead of down which is what I do every time. I’ve noticed I do this and I don’t know when or why it started happening) and making eye contact with people (something I’ve developed a fear of doing).


Can’t believe I’m almost done the Intention Inspired 30 Day Brave Challenge! It’s gone by so fast.

Until Next Time,

– em

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