I AM BRAVE – Day 28 & 29

I debated about waiting until tomorrow when I finish the challenge but I think Day 30 deserves it’s own post.

Day 28 … I Am Changing

Today’s challenge was to ask someone who knows you well, what the biggest change is they’ve seen in you lately.

Mission failed. I didn’t do this.

I guess I’m not so brave after all, I do not feel comfortable asking anyone this question. Anyone who knows me well would probably question why I’m asking and then I’d have to explain this challenge – which I don’t think they’d understand and/or I feel they’d judge me for. Or maybe I think they would say they haven’t noticed any change, in which case I’d feel like I failed.

I definitely feel different now though, 28 days later, and for me that’s enough. I know I’m changing (my mindset at least) and it doesn’t matter right now if others don’t see that. But I do think I’ve already got my next challenge: releasing the fear of failure and judgement.

Reflecting back on a month, I’ve changed in the following ways:

  • I’m happier
  • I’m lighter
  • I haven’t been as angry or sad
  • I am talking to people more
  • I am doing physical chores I never would have done before

Looking a month ahead I expect to change in the following ways:

  • Continue being happier
  • Start reaching out to old friends and building back those relationships
  • Continue pushing myself to do things

Day 29 … I Am Growing

Today’s challenge was to reach out to a friends you’ve lost touch with and ask them how they’ve grown. I didn’t get a chance to do this today, but I know exactly who I’m going to talk to and what about. I’m really looking forward to this conversation and hope it goes well.

I’ve noticed the small changes in myself (like I noted above) that’s growing into something greater. If I stay committed towards this growth for another 30 days I think I just might be able to bring prosperity to areas of my life that I’ve kept closed for years. I’ve had absolutely no love life as I’ve closed myself off, but I see it being a possibility of something I could have in the near future if I continue on this road.

Tomorrow is my last day of the challenge! I can’t believe it!

Until Next Time,

– em


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