FabFitFun: Summer Box Review


I didn’t think I could love anything more than the FFF Spring Box but I was wrong, I think the Summer Box may be even better!

Couple of things: This was my first time getting the box before it was released which meant I was part of everything that goes into creating the box before it even ships! I got to be involved in the “Add Ons” excitement and pick certain items that went into my box.

Add-Ons: Items curated by FFF that allows you to buy products at ridiculously discounted prices. Unfortunately, not having done it before, I didn’t realize how quickly the add ons sell out. I also wasn’t available to be online at the time the add ons opened up. I’ve since learned that people will add everything to their cart then remove items later on, which really sucks for everyone else trying to look through the hundreds of items and buy selectively. There were a few items that said “only a few left” but when I clicked they were actually sold out, which was disappointing. But what was really great was being new, FFF noticed I hadn’t done add ons before and gave me a $10 credit so I got a couple of things extra.

Choice: Another thing FFF is doing is allowing you to customize your box a bit more even as a seasonal member. While they don’t tell you the product exactly, they give you a list of themes and you get to choose which one you prefer so your item is more you. Plus, if you want more than one theme, you can add another for an additional $10. I picked “Artist” and because I was torn, added “Travel” for $10. Then I picked “Beauty” over “Fitness”.


Now, let’s talk about the products.


Artist: I got a canvas paint set. I was a little disappointed in this honestly, it’s something I could have bought from the dollar store (and have). But I went with this intentionally to see what kinds of things they give for crafts to know if I would want to pick that again in the future; at this point, I’m going with no. However, I did use it this weekend and I’m loving the painting I’m working on (I’ll share it when it’s done).

Traveller: Now this was a great choice! I got a cute bronze passport holder and luggage tag. I’m glad I added this on, but in hindsight, I wish I had just picked this instead of Artist.

Beauty: This was the Klorane Dry shampoo. I’ve tried it once and it has a VERY powerful spray (it was scary the force of the spray) but since I have brown hair it left some white residue. Now, you’re supposed to comb it through, but since I also have curly hair, I don’t brush my hair. I’ll probably try this when I need but it’s limiting for me. Didn’t have any strong perfume smell though which I loved!


Let’s get into the products that I love!

my bkr water bottle: Oh my goodness I’m in love. First off, I was SO THRILLED to open the box to find I got the blue bottle (I knew it was in the box and would be pink or blue, since I’m not an annual member, I couldn’t pick my colour choice). But luck was on my side with this one. It seems crazy, and maybe just psychological, but I honestly drink more water with this bottle. It’s 500 ml and one night I drank 3 bottles worth – my whole life I’ve been called a camel because on average I drink maybe one water bottle a day – but I go through at least 2 fills of my bkr. A couple days ago I switched to another water bottle and barely drank anything. I read that there is a science behind the shape and design of the bottles and honestly, the mouth piece on this bottle makes ALL the different. (I’m also someone who difficulty drinking and always spills on herself haha, but not with this).

Michael Stars Ruana: This multipurpose scarf is amazing. It is so soft, there aren’t even words to explain it! Ideally I would have liked the blue or black pattern, I got the tan with orange and purple, but it looks great on me nonetheless. I wore it as a cape/shall the other day and got many compliments on it. As it got warmer out, I switched it to a scarf that just hung around my neck to add some colour to my white and black look. Plus it can be used as a beach wrap or infinity scarf! I love a quality product that’s multi-use.


IMG_3791Mystic Bar Necklace: Another stunning item. The second I found this in the box I was in love. The packaging was the cutest – a little glass jar with cork top (I’m obsessed with those kind of bottles) and the delicate necklace inside was gorgeous. I got the peach moonstone rock and though I wished I got one more my colours (turquoise or howlite) I realized the meaning to the moonstone was exactly what I need: provides strength, inner peace and growth. I had this item on before opening the rest of the box and it looks amazing on!


Other Items in my summer box:


IMG_3789Cargo HD Highlighter: I’ve never had a highlighter before because I don’t wear much makeup but I’ve always wanted to try using a highlighter so I’m super excited about this one!

Smoothing Eye Cream: I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks (since I got the box) day and night as part of my cleansing routine and I’m not sure how I feel about it. My eyes always feel sticky right when I put it on and I haven’t noticed an improvement in the bags or dark circles.

Avene Sunscreen: Loved to finding a high SPF facial sunscreen in the box. I’m so nervous about what I put on my face (since my skin is so sensitive) but this one is meant for me. I’ve used it a couple times and though it seems greasy right at first it dries matte. I really need to get in the habit of wearing it daily. Positive note: I haven’t reacted to it.

Spongelle Shimmer Buffer – Amber Glow: This was my add on choice with the $10 FFF gave me. I was nervous about it but since it was “free” (ish) I decided to try it. This was covered in gold sparkles which was cool but the second it got wet they all washed away – it also made a huge mess opening the plastic packaging, so be warned. Unfortunately the scent is too strong for me even though it was kind of a nice smell, different though. I’ve used it 3 times so far and the scent is more manageable now. But it’s strange because it almost has a cool burn to it when I use it on my skin and after I feel really dried out when my skin is still wet. But once I dry off out of the shower, my skin is very soft. I’m still unsure how I feel about this one.

Overall, I think I’ll use more of the products from this box more regularly but the Spring Box items were a bit better. The Spring Box also had a higher value and more high-line products. But I like that I’ll use more of what’s in this box more often.

Looking forward to the Fall Box already! This time, I’m ready for those add ons.


If you’re interested in ordering a FabFitFun Box, let me know and use my referral!

Until Next Time

– em

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