REVIEW: Healing Salt Caves – Part 1

This one came as a request and I think it’s a great idea to write about so here it goes!

Some of you may or may not know about pink salts. They’re either Himalayan or Polish and provide numerous health benefits.

Last year I found out about a salt cave in my area and thought I’d give it a try. It’s very cool, let me tell you. I’ve been a few times over the past year and have tried four different treatments now.

Niagara Falls Salt Cave

First off, the company is Healing Salt Caves and they have locations all over Ontario and into the States. There are two locations near me: Niagara Falls and Hamilton. I’ve been to the Niagara Falls location several times and just recently went to Hamilton for the first time.

The main treatment they have (at both locations) is the salt cave. The cave is built from Polish pink salt and it is a halotherapy treatment. You go into a dimly lit room full of salt rocks from the floor to the ceiling. The caves also have waterfalls built into the walls to control humidity and temperature in the room.

The way it works? You go into the room, pick a reclining chair, lay back and rest while breathing deeply. (They also give you a big fuzzy blanket because it’s pretty cold in the cave). Honestly, it’s a little bit jarring and disorienting when you enter but that passes by the time you reach the chair. Once everyone is seated the machine is turned on and dust size particles of salt are filtered into the air. Breathing this in helps clear your lungs and airway.

The Hamilton location has a nicer cave as it opened only eight months ago. They can fit up to 12 people inside, with 10 chairs already in a circle. The cave is much more open and they have three waterfalls and “stars in the sky” on the ceiling. Niagara Falls is a smaller cave and a rectangle shape. It only fits 7 people and has two waterfalls. It’s definitely cozy and you feel the salt particles very quickly. Both locations have a kids area in the cave.

Ideally you’ll want to book your session (which is about 45-60 minutes long) in advance as the caves are really busy. I’ve never met anyone who knows about the caves yet every time I’m there it is so busy!

What are the benefits of the cave? The halotherapy can help treat many mild to sever respiratory issues. However, you have to go to the caves regularly to see any longterm effects. But I can say, every time I go there are instant changes. What I notice most is that my skin is much healthier and even looking – it almost looks clearer too. The first time I went was with my friend who has sever breathing issues. At the start of the 60 minutes he was snoring and by halfway through he was breathing clearly (to the point where you couldn’t hear him) which lasted hours after the treatment.

The cave is definitely a chance to escape the outside world, breath better, feel better and relax. Previously I’d always gone in the afternoon or evening but this weekend I went in the morning and it was wonderful! It was much more relaxing and peaceful. For one, there were only four of us in a big room. And also, I was still in a calm state without the stress and pressure of the day wearing on me. On the other hand, going in the evening makes it’s a nice way to unwind at the end of the day.

I find I can never fully fall asleep and I don’t really get into a good rest until about 35 minutes into the session.

I recommend wearing comfy pants and a sweater for the cave (especially if you’re easily cold). You can wear any shoes as they give you foot covers to wear into the cave (since the cave floor is all salt pebbles). Also bring a water as you get very thirsty. Sometimes you taste the salt too. You bring your purse/bag in with you but salt does usually settle on it so don’t bring a valuable bag.

Niagara Falls Salt Cave

I find they don’t give you a lot of information about the treatments when you book, so I often ask many questions to feel prepared. There is a form you have to complete the first time you do a treatment which outlines the benefits and details of the treatment. Guardian signatures are required on the consent forms for minors.

Even though not a lot of information is given to customers the first time, everyone who works at the caves are super nice, friendly, helpful and kind. I always spend extra time after my sessions just talking with the staff. They’re always happy to answer any questions too. And hopefully this review helps you prepare for the caves.

The Healing Salt Caves are also a spa and offer many different treatments. Some of the other salt treatments include the Hand and Foot Detox, the Infrared Sauna, the Float Bed and the Therapy Bath Soak. They also offer massages, facials, reiki and more.

Check back next week for Part 2 of the Review where I talk about the other services I’ve tried at Healing Salt Caves Niagara Falls and Hamilton!

Until Next Time,

– em


*Disclaimer: I have attended these services by my own choice and this review was not sponsored or endorsed by Healing Salt Caves.

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