Do you ever wonder what life is all about? Does it ever frustrate you with the way life is these days?

There are so many quotes and picture quotes about people finding their true self and becoming a better person. But don’t you think if everyone was in fact taking up that practise the world would be becoming a better place? Yet we are still in a society where everyone is out to get everyone and society is fuelled by negativity.

I think working on yourself is the hardest job in the world. To face who you really are, demons and all, and to let that person be seen by the world on a daily basis. This is the true test of life and one many people can’t even attempt, let alone live out.

For the past couple of years I’ve been trying to do so. I’ve been reading, watching, learning and exploring different beliefs and philosophies to try and become my “true” or “real” self. I was doing well too, a few summers ago anyway. But as of late I seem to have fallen off the tracks. And you know what? It’s really freaking difficult to get back on.

I admire the people who are willing to discover their authentic selves and be that person regularly. I want to be that kind of person, I desire to be that but it’s just so damn hard, I’m not willing to put in the work. I’m tired of trying and waiting. Because being your true self is a process that takes weeks and years to achieve. I just wish I could fast forward to being that person now. And I wish there were a lot more people trying too, maybe then it wouldn’t be so hard for those trying to be and show their true selves in society.  

So who are you? Are you living your true, authentic self? Or are you just being who you think everyone thinks you should be?

Until Next Time,

– em

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