REVIEW: Healing Salt Caves – Part 2


Last week I wrote about the Salt Cave experience at The Healing Salt Caves in Niagara Falls and Hamilton. As promised, today I’m telling you about the other services I’ve tried since The Healing Salt Caves are also a spa and offer many different treatments. Some of the other salt treatments include: the Hand and Foot Detox, the Infrared Sauna, the Float Bed and the Therapy Bath Soak. They also offer massages, facials, Reiki and more.

Hand and Foot Detox


I have done the Hand and Foot Detox once. You go into a dimly lit room and there are large slabs of pink salt rocks on metal heated plates on the floor which heat the rock. You put your feet on those and it improves circulation (I believe) and pulls toxins out of your body. At the same time your hands are on round salt rocks that are over a base holding strong light bulbs which heats the rock (you can also purchase one of these for home).

Your hands and feet get pretty sweating. It’s a strange sensation because they don’t really feel wet but they are slippery on the rocks. Truthfully it seems a little gross as so many people use the rocks but when I did it we were told that pink salt is also anti-bacterial so it’s essentially self cleaning, plus they clean the rocks off.

For anyone who has chronic cold hands and feet this is so enjoyable. I found it took me a bit to get a comfortable position in the chair (it’s just an average living room seat) but once I did, it was really nice. At times it was almost too hot and I needed a break.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is a great thing in the winter. Like the Detox, I’ve only done this treatment once. It’s 30-45 minutes I think and honestly, it was a bit too much for me. I barely made it to the end as it was too hot and I had to crack the door open for the last 5 minutes. (I also did it with my mom so there was an extra body too). It’s a small box sauna with no steam, wood panels and large salt rocks inside. The atmosphere is very relaxing and it felt so good to sweat and warm up.

For the sauna, bring a bathing suit (or they charge you for robes – which I can’t imagine wearing a fuzzy robe in there, I would have passed out). Also bring a towel and water! If you have long hair, you’ll definitely want it up and off your neck.

The sauna is in a private room where you can change and the sauna itself has a few large pink salt rocks. When the rocks heat up in the sauna it releases the ions into the air and helps the body and soul.

Even though it was extreme, I do want to try it again this winter.

Pink Salt Flotation Therapy


Lastly, and what I tried most recently is the Float bed. It is heavenly! You go into a small room that has a square glass box that is filled with water (containing over 750 lbs of pink salt) and has pink salts pebbles enclosed in the glass around it. There’s half a cave over the pool “bed” with a starry sky. The room also has a sink and a shower. You change, shower off (to remove body oils and any product on you) and get into the water. The room is so warm and the water is even warmer (but not hot). The second you lay back the salts lift you up and you float without even trying. I highly recommend using the halo pillow in the water to relieve pressure on your neck.

I did this with my cousin and what I didn’t like is that we would bump into each other a little bit. There’s a current that moves you counter clockwise and it was annoying because I’d also bump into all the walls too – which is another reason I was glad to have the halo pillow (it’s just a small black disk with a hole in it for your head). I also realized half way through the session, both people need to face the same way (either feet first or head first) so that there’s kind of a circular rotation to the float.

I was so relaxed and calm. I even felt a weightlessness sensation a few times – when I could visualize (I picked a beach) I just fully escaped and became weightless. I also moved my arms around a lot (above my head, behind my back) to get a different stretch and for comfort. You do wear a bathing suit into the tank and they provide you with a face and body towel. I could have laid in there for two hours. One thing that did happen was my skin got a bit itchy halfway through. But I believe it was just my skin healing (they said the float therapy does clean the body of dead skin cells).

The benefits of the Flotation Therapy include: relief from muscle and joint pain, increases mineral levels, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety and more. For me, I was definitely relaxed while doing the treatment and my skin felt better and clearer after it. I wish this treatment was closer to me as I think it’s something you need to do a few times regularly to see big results.


I’ve loved my experiences with The Healing Salt Caves. Everyone who works there is so nice and kind. It’s wonderful. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t tell you crucial information before you go. For example, they don’t tell you to bring a swimsuit and towel for the sauna. They don’t tell you in advance that you can’t use the float tank if you have recently shaved or tanned, gotten a tattoo or are on your period, etc. You only learn all this on the consent forms when you arrive.

As someone who was nervous to go the first time to the new treatments I asked many questions to ensure I was prepared (especially when driving to Hamilton) but it’s nerve-wracking the first time. I think they should have this information easily accessible on the website for each treatment so customers can be fully prepared for what they’re walking into. *After more research I discovered they do have this information on the Hamilton portion of the website

The treatments are expensive but watch their social media as they often have monthly specials and groupons. If you go, let me know how your experience is!

Until Next Time,

– em

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