The Power of the Word

You know what saying I actually really don’t like?

“Actions speak louder than words”.

I do get it. I understand what this quote means and it is true that someone can talk a lot of talk and it’s not until they act on it that it really means anything, but I think this saying also devalues the power of words.

In a society where so much hate is spoken and people say anything and everything to anyone with no sense of responsibility I think we’ve forgotten just how important words are. They’re thrown around like nothing these days.

For me, I’m so afraid of everyone and everything that it’s very hard for me to act. But words, ah, words are my vice. Writing is my way of expression.

Unfortunately I think people are so busy and moving at such a fast pace they aren’t even taking the time to really read things and internalize their importance or feel the weight of what’s been said – especially positive words (as they seem so hard to come by nowadays).

I really wish we could put an appreciation back on writing and words. All I hear now is “I hate reading, I don’t want to write that; just type it or take a picture” but we must continue to write, to print, to spell or we’re going to lose the entire foundation of our civilization.

Words are the basis for communication and the more we fail the words, the more we fail at communicating and the more we fail each other.

Until Next Time,

– em

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