Soul Mates

There are a million articles and theories about what a soulmate is.

Some say there’s one other person out there in the world meant for you. Other’s think there are multiple soulmates that are all connected to you. And some people believe you have one soulmate, the same one, through multiple lifetimes and you find each other in each and every one.

I read this article recently by Brianna Weist “The Real Way To Know You’ve Found Your Soulmate That Nobody Talks About and I thought it was excellent! I really agree with her and it reminded me of another article I read once upon a time. I can’t remember who wrote it or where I even saw this, but it was the idea that your soulmate isn’t necessarily a romantic partner, it could be anyone you have a deep connection with.

So I’ve come up with my belief on soulmates. Because given the common belief of “soulmate = your one true love” I can say for certain I’ve never found or met mine. However, there are some people I’ve met and people who are currently in my life (though only a few) who I am certain are from the same “soul family”, if you will, as mine. That these people are my soulmates – none of whom have been romantic partners. They range in age, gender, lifestyle, interests, etc. but I know we are connect on a deep level, something unexplainable only feelable.

So this is my definition of a soulmate. I think there’s more than one, though not too many, and that they come in all forms, shapes and sizes. But that we are destined to be in each others’ lives at some point in our time on Earth (wether if for a minute or a lifetime).

What do you think a soulmate is?

Until Next Time,

– em

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