Should. Oh how I hate this word.

I find it appropriate to post this one today as I’ve caught myself using this word a few times this week. 

I’ve spent a long time thinking and acting on shoulds. What I should be doing because of my age, gender, environment, where I live, etc. But a few years ago I thought about what that word really means and it is now my least favourite word in the world.

Should implies that your actions and behaviours are dictated by other people’s opinions. How absurd is that? That we’re required to perform a certain way because that’s how it worked for one or some people so everyone “should”? No!

Spend a day and pay attention to how many times you think and say the word “should”. Then, every time you catch yourself using it, think why you should do what you’re about to. Is it because you want to or need to? Or is it to please someone else (either a specific person or general society)? Start thinking of other words you can use instead of should and replace your vocabulary and inner dialogue. Does it change how you live?

I wrote this post over a year ago and still to this day when I say this word or someone else says it, I cringe. I then try to come up with another word and it completely changes the situation.

Until Next Time,

– Em

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