Quotes Reveal

Really interesting observation.

I keep a pile of quotes in my notes on my phone. I use them for captions and every now and then just to turn to to read.

That’s what I did this morning. And somehow I starkly noticed the theme to all the quotes I save as being my favourite. The key words in every quote are: fear, afraid, light, darkness and love. 

I think it’s incredible and so telling how, without even realizing it, I’ve completely revealed my life and my inner feelings. It’s like how everyone says you can tell about a person by the song lyrics they post, I think the same goes for this. 

I’m clearly consumed by my fears; I want to share my light but I’m too afraid to show it and I only see darkness in everyone else/in the world; and what I’m really wanting is love. 

Wow! Really polarizing. 

Do you have any favourite quotes? What do they say about you?

Until Next Time,

– em

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