A Life Like Tolle

Wow. My head hurts right now and I’m at a loss for words.

I’m currently reading the book The Power of the Heart by Baptiste de Pape. It was given to me by my aunt after we had a very real conversation about life.

Well, I just read a page that is background information on Eckhart Tolle and his story on how he became who he is today. Before this I never really knew about him. All I knew was his name from being quoted in One Tree Hill. Since reading this book and through the TV show I’ve always loved his quotes. And now I know why: Tolle and I are one in the same.

In his twenties Tolle suffered from anxiety and didn’t want to live in this world anymore. The way de Pape wrote it was as if I was reading my current situation (my own thoughts and feelings). It hit me like a ton of bricks, that I have the same life as this great man, only a few chapters behind.

I believe everything in this world is cyclical and maybe I am in the same cycle he was in, just years later. Aside from being stunned, this has made me so hopeful.

It’s stressful because it seems like everyone who’s anyone had a big “ah-ha” or awakening moment and I haven’t. However, where I find hope is knowing that someone like Tolle was in the same place as I am and managed to become successful. That tells me I can be too. Maybe I won’t get “that moment” but I can create it for myself and bring about change in my life. I know and feel I am destined for great things (thought I often have trouble believing it) and when I come across a situation like this – where I find my life has already happened to someone else and I can see a future result – it gives me that drop of hope I need.

I’m still at a loss and overwhelmed by what I just read.

The part above I wrote on my phone while I was inspired. As I hit “Save Draft” I lost the page. Of course, I hadn’t copied and pasted this piece. By some fate, luck or belief I hit the back arrow and got this all back and was able to save it. I can’t even question it but I’m grateful that I didn’t lose this. The ironic part is this comes right after I read about “gratitude” in The Power of the Heart. It’s these unexplainable moments in life that make me shake my head and smile and gives me just a little bit of faith that everything works out and that everything will be okay.

Until Next Time,

– em

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