Self Image and What We Share

This weekend I shared a photo on Instagram and I have been astounded by the response. I wrote a thank you on insta. But it doesn’t seem to be enough.

On the weekend we closed the pool for the summer (😭) so my sister and I went swimming for one last time this season. We spent an hour just lounging around on an air mattress in the pool. (Side note: air mattresses make super good pool floaties).

Because it was hilarious and cool we took pictures on the air mattress. I was so excited to see them after and wanted to share about the “last day in the pool”. Well, to my dismay all the pictures sucked. I looked so awkward and my body looked so bad and I couldn’t get over how fat my stomach looked. I was so ashamed and sad. But I was torn because I so wanted to share my last day in the pool. I held off for a couple hours but then the pool was closed and I knew I didn’t have another chance to post this. So I gave in and didn’t let my lack of body confidence stop me from sharing the moment.

WELL, every time I went on Instagram I had 7 new likes. Over the next 12-24 hours it added up and I was at over 40 LIKES! This was crazy!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. A photo that I was so embarrassed about and one in which I tried to cover myself with filters was now becoming my most liked photo ever. (Yes that’s a low number for some people but I don’t usually get a lot of likes on my photos and if I hit around 20 I’m extremely happy – not that I aim for a certain number of likes).

I’m still in disbelief over these events. It’s really shown me that people really do see you so much more differently than you see yourself. I’ve been struggling with feeling like I look really fat lately (because I am up in weight than usual) and yet I had people comment and message me about how great I looked – all without knowing my struggles.

All I have is gratitude and thanks for all of my friends!

Hopefully the next time I am hesitant to post a picture because of how my body looks, I’ll remember this experience. And remember that nothing can ruin a moment of pure joy captured.

Until Next Time,

– em

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