FabFitFun: Fall Box Review

It’s almost time to pick our custom selections and add-ons for the winter box and I just realized I’m behind and haven’t posted my review of the Fall box!

Truth be told, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one. I was excited because I finally understand the add-on process and really took advantage of the extra sales but the items weren’t amazing this season. To be fair, I’m not an autumn person so there’s that too!

First: What I Loved!

  • Mer-Sea Scarf
    • This luscious, soft blanket scarf is by far my favourite item in the box. And lucky for me, I got it in BLUE! It is insanely soft and warm and for someone obsessed with scarves, I couldn’t be happier with this item
  • TreStique Lip Crayon (matte colour and shiny balm)
    • From the box I thought this colour would be too bright pink for me (like a fuchsia) but it’s a neutral pink and I love it! Took me a minute to figure out the cool magnetic 2-in-1 design of the crayon but it’s fun to use and pretty to wear. The balm smells delicious too. There are 4 ways to wear this too: just the matte crayon, just the balm, the crayon with balm overtop, or the balm with crayon over top
  • IMM Living Jewellery Holder
    • This dish with heart wire holder is super cute. I didn’t think I’d use it much as I have my jewellery already laid out how I want it but I’ve used it every day since I opened it. The heart shape is perfect for holding my Alex & Ani bracelets (something I wasn’t sure how to store) and the dish is great for holding the couple of rings I wear everyday – it’s easier to get to them than the jewellery box I have all my rings stored in



Other Items

  • There are a couple other items I really like but haven’t used much yet”
    • B-Low the Belt Mia Belt
      • I actually forgot I had this until just now! I don’t wear belts too often but this one is really cool because it doesn’t have the regular buckle with a prong and holes, this one magically sits in the circular metal buckle and stays put! I was very happy to get the black instead of light brown belt (it goes with my outfits a lot more)
    • myTagalongs Hot/Cold pack
      • I was really excited about this one. I love a good hot/cold pack. I’ve used it once and found the outside coating hot pretty hot while the contents inside didn’t stay warm for too long. I was nervous to use it though so I will try warming it up more next time. I definitely think it would be a better cold pack than hot, but I love that it does both!
  • Items I haven’t used yet:
    • Private Party Denim Gym Bag
      • I’m not a fan of the saying on the bag and haven’t had an situation in which this bag would be useful
    • Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil
      • I’ve never used cuticle oil and I’m not a fan of lavender but I will probably try it out at some point
    • Wish Renewing Mud Mask
      • I recently bought a new face mask and we got a great exfoliating mask in our Spring Box that I still use regularly. My skincare routine is finally working for me so I don’t want to try something new again and throw it off
    • Molr Teeth Whiting Powder (Charcoal) & Toothbrush
      • I picked this in my customization option because I’ve always wanted to try charcoal whitening but I have yet to try this. I’m a little nervous (as I have heard this process can damage the enamel on your teeth) and of course putting black on teeth sounds scary! (Though I know a lot of people have done it and they don’t have black teeth now). When I got this box I was in the middle of a big public event I was planning so I’m waiting to try this when I have time away from the public in case something goes wrong


Last but not least, the extra items I purchased at a sale price.

  • LORAC Pro Contour Kit (Palette and Brush)
    • I’m not a big makeup person but I’ve really wanted to try contouring and highlighting, but of course since I wouldn’t wear it much, I didn’t want to spend too much money on a palette. This was a good price and brand so I went for it. I really like the quality of the makeup and the brush is wonderful. Extra helpful: the “how-to” guide inside!
  • Nectar Blue-Light Eliminating Glasses
    • I was most excited for this add-on but sadly I was disappointed. The glasses are pretty cheap quality, very thin, flimsy and plasticy. They absolutely work but I don’t wear them too often even though I should (like while I’m typing this post)
  • Pure Cosmetics Simply Matte Nude Eyeshadow
    • I really only bought this because all the eyeshadow I own is old and I needed some new product. Again, I don’t wear makeup much so I didn’t want to spend a lot. And I loved that is was matte as most of the eyeshadow I have is sparkly. It’s very pigmented and heavy but I like it enough
  • Maji Sport Mini Foam Roller
    • The other item I was most excited for but don’t love. It works alright but because it’s mini (which is convenient) it’s not that easy to use


I’m already looking forward to the next box. When I first subscribed I thought it would feel like ages between boxes but the time goes by so fast, I’ve barely used everything in the current box when the next one starts getting packaged.

I’m a little disappointed that the items in the boxes tend to be the same thing but in different brands. We have another exfoliator coming in the winter box and another scarf type item (not complaining about that one though). While the products are great and I’m excited for them, I do wish the types of items changed up a bit more (throw in a cleanser or moisturizer or mittens or a ring).

Until Next Time,

– em

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