This World Needs a Little More Light, Belief and Magic

A conversation I had today made me think about Disney movies. 

These days, all the time you see how “Disney movies create unrealistic expectations”. No girl has hair that awesome; no girl is that skinny; no man is that much of a prince or that charming. Real life just isn’t like Disney movies. 

But you know what? THAT’S the problem – believing that those classic movies don’t reflect real life … Because they do. By taking this negative look to these stories we’re all becoming the exact evil within them. People are shutting out and ignoring the exact purpose of those movies: GOOD. 

Maybe if more people still believed in Disney movies it wouldn’t be such a harsh world. A world where people are afraid to show themselves, be themselves and show kindness, compassion, love, courage, strength and emotion.  (Hell, I bet you just thought of a Disney character or movie for each of those qualities). 

And that’s what those movies are about: light, love, belief, trust, hope, faith, kindness, positivity. And guess what else is about that? LIFE! Guess that’s lacking all that? This world and the society we live in. 

Maybe if we all start believing in that magic again we can all be better people and a better society. Take off that evil mask and be the price or princess you truly are!!


~ The problem isn’t believing the movies, it’s NOT believing them! ~

Until Next Time,

– em

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