FabFitFun: Winter Box Review

Somehow I’ve had a year worth of boxes already! My winter box came on Friday and I was so excited I dug right in and spent two hours going through it and making videos of the items.

I was really nervous this time because it arrived almost 2 weeks later than my previous 3 boxes. I’m attributing that to it being the holiday season. But I was scared because a week and a half ago my box said it was in Winnipeg which is nowhere near where I live! It’s an entirely different province – and something I’ve never seen in my tracking before. I was terrified my box was lost in the mail and extra scared because I bought soooo many add-ons this time and was scared I’d lost all that money. But alas it arrived and I’m in love!

The winter box is probably my second favourite box or, tied for second. It’s hard to say because so far, the fall box is the only one I really didn’t like at all.

I’m going to change this review up a bit and sort it by products I’ve tried versus haven’t yet.


Have Used Already:

  1. AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream with Dead Sea Water (box item) ThumbsDown
    Beautiful packaging, special edition size, works wonderfully however I really hate the smell. It’s too strong for me and kind of reminds me of soap and/or old people. I had to wash my hands twice to get the smell off. It’s a great product if you can handle the scent.
  2. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment (box item)ThumbsUp
    Only used it twice so far. Trying to mix it into my routine that I already have with 2 other products. Wasn’t looking forward to another exfoliator in the box (this is our 3rd) but it’s really nice! Small size item but I’m sure it will last long as you don’t need a lot – similar to the Dr. Brandt from the spring box that I still use once a week and love. The first time using it, I massaged it in as directed and it got sort of foamy which I didn’t expect and I’m not sure if it was face wash that didn’t completely rinse off or the exfoliator. It didn’t tingle as it warned it might but I only left it on for 1 minute as it directs to do less if you have sensitive skin and I didn’t want to push it on the first try. My face was a bit red after but didn’t look much different. The next day though my skin looked smoother, less red and more even. The second time I used it, I left it on for the full 2 minutes, it started to be a tiny bit tingly but didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It definitely felt like it did more for the skin the second time. Looking forward to using this regularly.
  3. Luv AJ Open Posie Ring Set (add-on) ThumbsUp
    Tried these on for a short time. Love the bronze colour but at first I found that they looked weird on my fingers. After wearing them for a while I loved how they felt on and I started to get used to the look. Definitely think they would work best with a dressier outfit. I have since worn them out for a day once and I love them!
  4. Knotty Hair Tie Bauble (add-on) ThumbsUp
    Love the feel and designs of these hair elastics. They are stretchy ribbon and very soft. Don’t feel tight on my head. Came with 14 ties in the bauble and I want to try repurposing the sphere bauble as a DIY bath bomb mould. There are so many cute designs, sparkly, arrows, stripes, in black, gold, nude, pink. I’ve worn one of these almost every day and they stay in really well. I’ve used them to hold a ponytail and to hold the end of a braid.
  5. Zoe Ayla Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool (add-on) ThumbsUp
    Love this item! It has suction cups on the back to stick the pad to the surfaces in your bathroom. I used it to clean my powder foundation brush. It took 20 minutes to get it clean and, in a gross way, opened my eyes to how dirty my brush was, even though I’ve only been using it a couple months and have washed it once already. This tool uses different shaped bumps to really clean away the makeup. I used the large bubble shape and moved the brush in circular motions adding a bit of gentle face cleanser to the tool and holding it and the brush under warm water. I noticed after, the different sections of the tool all say “eyes” but I will be using it for other brushes too and it still works.
  6. Candywirez 10ft Marbled Woven Braided Lightening Cable (add-on) ThumbsUp
    Amazing!!! It’s so long it can reach anywhere in my room. I’ve damaged my apple chargers from stretching and bending it in awkward positions trying to reach the cable to where I needed my phone, but with this, there is no worry of that. It charges really fast and gives me so much cable to use my phone anywhere. Already in love with this item. (Though it’s so long, it’s awkward to store when not in use).
  7. BB Dakota Poncho in Mulberry (box item) ThumbsUp
    This of course was the one colour I didn’t want when I first saw this spoiler, but then it grew on me and I was happy to get any colour. I tried this on quickly right when I got the box and it’s okay, but the slit felt like it was in a weird spot. It’s pretty thick and will be warm in the winter. I then wore it for a full day over the weekend and I love this product. It’s warmer than you’d think and super cute – great for a casual or dressy look and perfect for the holidays. Looking forward to wearing this a lot, maybe with the belt from the fall box. Basically this felt like a winter version of the Ruana.
  8. Nelson J. Beverly Hills Moisture Healing Mask (box item – choice) ThumbsUp
    The other choice item from this was an under eye pad but my hair is definitely what I prefer to try to attend to and I rarely use under eye products when I have them. I’ve used this once and instantly saw it working. I was a little confused how to use it from the directions (I didn’t want to have to get out of the shower, dry my hair, put the mask in, let it sit for 10 mins, then have to get in the shower to wash my hair again). So I combined mask type options (there are 3: Pre-Wash Mask, Deep Repair, and Quick Repair) and squeezed the water out of my hair, let it sit in it after shampooing then rinsed it out before getting out of the shower. While the mask was in my hair I could see my curls begin to restore and my hair was definitely shiner after. Really excited to use this regularly and see long term benefits because I believe there will be.
  9. AQUIS Luxe Lisse Hair Towel in Cloud Berry (add-on) ThumbsDown
    A grey-blue colour. Probably not the best purchase but it is supposed to help control frizz and try hair very quickly which helps use less heat products. Bought this as I saw really good reviews for it online and I’m always trying to help fight frizz (I’ve never found a product that works for me). The towel isn’t very wide but it’s a lot longer than I expected it would be. I used this once with zero product in my hair and I wasn’t very impressed. My hair was very poofy and frizzy. It took 20 mins to go from wet to damp (which is quicker than usual) but the damp to dry is the part that takes forever with my hair and it didn’t work for that. I’m definitely going to try this again with my usual routine of hair product and see how it works.
  10. NuMe 25mm Classic Curling Wand (add-on) ThumbsUp
    Most excited for this item. Probably my favourite item and best add-on purchase ever. I’ve never owned a curling wand before and as someone who has naturally curly hair that might seem like a weird buy however, after a couple days of sleeping on my hair my curls need some help so I wanted to try a curling wand to help quickly fix up my curls when needed. The wand heats up extremely quickly (with no heat settings, just power on/off). It’s incredibly easy to use (and the heat resistant glove it comes with truly works, thank goodness!). I’ve used this twice in 5 days and the curls are beautiful, form in 5 seconds and last almost all day with no product even. In love with this curling wand! Only downside, it’s not easy to set down between curls or let it cool after as I don’t have a surface to leave it on and the barrel will touch the surface.



Not Used Yet:

  1. Homemade by Ayesha Curry Mug “I’d Rather Be In Bed”, Blue (box item)
    Really large mug which is nice, and super cute. Great winter box item, however I have way too many mugs already so I’m thinking of giving it as a gift to someone.
  2. Pointe Studio Aloe Infused Cozy Socks, Grey (box item) ThumbsUp
    Love these! I’m a dork and love socks, especially fuzzy, comfy ones I can wear around the house as I am always cold. I’ve had aloe socks before and they are great. Definitely expect to be wearing these all winter!
  3. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (box item – choice) ThumbsDown
    I wasn’t sure about choosing this one but it was this or a workout ball (which when I chose I thought it was a large yoga ball, but it turned out to be a small ball to use in a workout). When I opened this to smell it it was a very familiar scent, I looked at the ingredients and saw Lavender which unfortunately I’m allergic to so I won’t be able to use this product. Would have loved to know if it works though! If anyone has this item and tries it, let me know 🙂
  4. DOUCCE Freematic Eye Shadow Pro Palette in Nude (box item) ThumbsUp
    Great colours for me and a fun palette that is magnetic so you can move the pieces around to an order you please. There are 3 sparkly colours, 3 matte and 2 shimmery.
  5. 8 OTHER REASONS Nine Lives Choker in Silver (box item) ThumbsUp
    Beautiful necklace. Definitely great for a formal occasion. Haven’t tried it on yet.
  6. Summer & Rose Saddle Bag in black (add-on) ThumbsUp
    Subtle pattern with hidden magnetic clasp to hold the bag shut. Decent size with hidden pocket inside. Bought this to replace the saddle bag I have that has gotten worn out and broken. Strap has a gold buckle to change the length and adds a bit of character to the purse.
  7. Clark’s Botanicals Holiday Skincare set (add-on) ThumbsDown
    Definitely didn’t need to buy this one. Truthfully I mainly bought it for the cute cosmetic bag. It has a red lip tint, age-defying radiance cream and a deep moisture mask. The creams are very small almost sample sizes, which I knew when buying. But I loved that these are natural, plant based products so I wanted to give them a try. The radiance cream is like a moisturizer to use after cleansing and the moisture mask can be used as a mask that you leave on for 15-20 minutes and wash off or as a moisturizer. Not a huge fan of the smell of these. They aren’t bad but almost remind me of childhood “fake makeup” scents. Hoping these work well though.
  8. The Five-Minute Journal (add-on)
    Bought this after seeing it for twice as much money in the local Chapters. Wasn’t going to get it but many books like this are very costly and this was a good price. I love the cover and aesthetic of this book and it has a great purpose. I really believe it will help to living a better life but I need to get in the habit of using it daily.




And that’s everything. If you made it this far, thank you!

I definitely splurged but I figured: what the heck, this will be my Christmas present to myself this year. Next season I might upgrade to the annual subscription (to avoid paying exchange on every box and just pay it once) but I’m not sure yet, and I’ve decided I will give myself a limit to how much I can spend/buy in add-ons.

In total the Winter Box had 9 items and is valued at $395.00 and I bought 9 add-on items. All together these items at full price come to $500 US and I got them for about $200 CND. It’s a big price tag but I definitely think it was worth it this time!

Until Next Time,

– em

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