Where Did January Go?

I knew it had been a while but I’m sorry I haven’t posted in over a month.

Am I the only one that finds January just flies by?

Because I’m Ukrainian we celebrate Christmas and New Years in January (in addition to December – yes, two Christmases has always been amazing!) which always makes the month very busy. Throw in my birthday at the end, and this year two different school terms in the same month at work and somehow it’s left me no time to write.

So much has been going on too.

Something I haven’t written about is my struggles with mental health (though I finally talked about it on Instagram in the last year). I’m not going to get into it now but the last month has been up and down for me. With a lot of new realizations.

I’ve been trying really hard and making a conscious effort to be better, stronger, more positive, and I’ve noticed a difference. I started using my “5-Minute Journal” and I love it. And I’ve been trying to have a more positive, loving, grateful approach to everything I do. But then, out of nowhere, the switch flicks and it’s back into the depression and anxiety as usual – like nothing ever changed.

Except this time when it happened, something did change. Instead of it being “this is my life” I was able to recognize that “no, this is just a low point”. And that shift in mindset has made me realize:

the dark days and weeks are going to be part of my life no matter what, so I need to really appreciate and cherish the good days while I have them.

And you know what? That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s made such a difference!

It’s very difficult and I have to actively work at it every single day but it’s made the good days that much better.

If you’re struggling, I hope that in some small way this can help you.

I’m very excited for what’s coming up. I’ve got a few new opportunities on the horizon (stay tuned) and a few things ending. I still don’t know what my future holds, long-term, career-wise, but for now I’m trying to enjoy where I’m at while I’m here and I’ll deal with what comes next when it gets here.

Until Next Time,
– em

P.S. I’ve got another new post for you tomorrow … keep an eye out

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