The Expression Of Love

I wasn’t planning on posting today, especially not anything Valentine’s Day related – because we all know that’s not a thing in my life. But the more I thought about it the more I realized how relevant this post is and perfect for today.


Why does Love always have to be romantic? When did Love become so sexualized and only mean romance? (I blame the movies).

I just read an article about “50 Ways Happier, Healthier and More Successful People Live Their Lives” and one point (#18 to be exact) is really sticking with me.

Sadly, people are taught absurd mindsets about being vulnerable and loving in relationships.

Why do we hesitate to express our love?

Why do we hesitate to connect deeply with others?

It got me thinking. There are so many people I Love. Family members, friends, teachers, mentors, celebrities. However, in this society anyone I’m not actually related to I wouldn’t dare tell I Love them. (Heck, I’ve even noticed I don’t say “I love you” to even my parents or grandparents).

It’s become such a cultural taboo in Western society to say “I love you” because of the fear of repercussions. And I’m not talking about being in a relationship and having the other person not feel the same way (which is also a valid fear) but I’m talking platonic Love.

With the labels we give everyone “adult” “student” “teacher” “mother” “father” “child” we forget that they are all also people. Just people. Who also want to feel Loved and valued the way any one of us does. But you can’t tell a teacher you Love them without being sued or thought inappropriate. And you can’t tell a child who isn’t part of your family you Love them for fear of being creepy and getting in trouble with the law.

But in simple words doesn’t this all just sound ridiculous?! What is wrong with someone Loving someone without it being romantic or sexual? I think the world has become so dark and this is a big reason why. There is no love anymore, minimal expressions of love for other humans, because we’re all so afraid of it being wrong!


I’m not innocent in all this either. Like I said before, I don’t tell people I Love them. And when I do, I’ve noticed I say “love you”. Not love you. And it’s really starting to bother me that, through use of words, I’ve removed myself from the Love. I’ve made it impersonal and unattached to me as a human. Because if I’m not doing the Loving, there can be no harm (to myself or the other).

Now that I’ve realized all this, I’m just shaking my head. How is it possible that I (and the society) have come to this? If we could all be unafraid to Love each other, truly, and express it, with no fear (or less anyway) and no judgment of others who do express their Love, this world would be a much brighter, lighter and happier place.

Unfortunately, I really do believe this goes back to self-love and knowing one’s own heart and Loving one’s own-self to then be able to share that and Love others.

We’re all works in progress. Now is the time to work on Loving.

Until Next Time,

– Em


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