Miracle Cow

This is the story of miracle cow.

I wanted to write this a couple weeks ago when it was exactly two years since it happened. But it’s still a good story to share.

I’ve been thinking about her a lot lately, and I’m not the only one.

[Side note: I have no idea if miracle cow is a she or not but I just feel that she’s a female]

After graduating college, my cousins and I went to visit my aunt who lives in the mountains in Virginia. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in this beautiful, huge Victorian farm house down the street. (Because neighbours there live miles apart from each other).

Anyway, across from this house was a cattle farm. We’d like to watch the cows as they roamed the hillside. One morning I remember being so pissed off because this one cow woke me up because she would NOT stop mooing. It started in the early morning and she just would.not.stop. And it was this long, deep, crying moo. It was driving me nuts!

I finally got up because I’d had enough and couldn’t sleep through it anymore. When I got outside my cousins had been up watching her already. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw her: the whole side of her body was cut up and bleeding; I was still annoyed from the sound, but no wonder she was crying!

Not only that, but as my cousins has been watching, they pointed out that this cow’s calf had died. I went over and beside this little barn-hut was a baby cow laying there lifeless.

Of course us “city folk” were so new to the farm life (and shaken up) we called my aunt to say that this mama cow was in distress and her baby had died. She said stillborns happen and that she’d get in touch with the farmer.

Throughout a few hours in the morning she called around, got in touch with the farmers wife and the wife sent him down to the back of their farm where this cow was.

He got there and checked out the calf and explained he’d be back for her body later, and that the mom had fallen in a river a few weeks before and got cut up on the rocks. The calf wasn’t new born, she was already tagged, we originally thought maybe a coyote got to them, but the farmer had no explanation – that’s just part of farm life.

By this time it’s probably noon or so and we’d spent around 4 hours with this cow situation. After the farmer came, the mama cow started to quiet down. We needed a break from all the excitement and heartbreak so we went for a walk.

On our way back we checked on the cows again (there wasn’t much else to do) and as we were looking at Miracle Cow my cousin goes “she just moved!”. My other cousin and I thought he was crazy! The farmer had checked her and said she was dead and that he would come for her body later.

So we ran to the fence and stared intently. Sure enough, her tail flicked. Not very much but there was movement! Then her ears started to twitch too. THERE WAS LIFE!!

So back to the phone we went, calling my aunt saying the calf is alive now and to get in touch with the farmer again. Of course now there’s nowhere else to be but watching this cow!

I kid you not, as the sun came around and brought light to the other side of the barn where the calf had been laying in the shade all day, Miracle Cow started to revive.

I can’t explain it, but we watched that cow come back to life right in front of us. By the end of the day the farmer’s daughter had come down with him and got Miracle Cow up and walking and playing.

Now you might be questioning this as I often do: she just must not have been dead in the first place.

And true, she probably wasn’t 100% dead but she was damn close!

  1. That mama cow would NOT have been crying such a distress call for HOURS had her baby not been in trouble. Even in animals you could tell it was a painful cry of loss.
  2. The farmer himself came down and checked her out and said she was dead.
  3. And we’d been watching her for 4 hours and there was NO movement.

All those facts remind me: we weren’t crazy or making up her death. She really was lifeless that morning but the sun (as my only explanation because it was the only thing that changed and you could she it move over her) must have warmed her body enough to bring her back to life.

Even telling this story 2 years later, I still can’t believe it happened. Nature is incredible.


Until Next Time,

– em

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