Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

The first time I tried running this blog I made a post about seeing repeated numbers in life. I've been wanting to share it but never felt like it fit. Well, this week has been freaky with numbers for me. Every day I was seeing 3:33. (For me, these numbers always appear on clocks - but …

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Where Did January Go?

I knew it had been a while but I'm sorry I haven't posted in over a month. Am I the only one that finds January just flies by? Because I'm Ukrainian we celebrate Christmas and New Years in January (in addition to December - yes, two Christmases has always been amazing!) which always makes the month very …

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This World Needs a Little More Light, Belief and Magic

A conversation I had today made me think about Disney movies.  These days, all the time you see how "Disney movies create unrealistic expectations". No girl has hair that awesome; no girl is that skinny; no man is that much of a prince or that charming. Real life just isn't like Disney movies.  But you know …

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